Plants and Petals is a directory website designed to ensure that plant and flower lovers know where to find the best-of-the-best plant shops, flower shops, garden centers, and other botanical experiences across the United States…all listed in ONE place! We hit the road and sky often to bring you a closer look, and we are really excited about today’s Road Trip Review!

Brian and Emily are the founders of Stump, incredible shops that can be found in Columbus, Ohio (2 locations!!), as well as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In addition to the inviting storefronts of each of the locations, the fun variety of plants, and the wonderful shopkeepers, one of my favorite things about Stump is the time they take to educate you on the care of the plants you’re purchasing. They also send you home with personalized plant-care cards to ensure your success as a plant parent! We’ve loved our road trips to Stump and highly recommend visiting. Enjoy this fun interview with Emily and Brian!

Plants and Petals Club: What inspired you to open Stump?

Emily and Brian: In the first months that we were dating we both had been working on projects that we were passionate about but we were also looking to create something new and unique using our backgrounds. The horticulture industry is comprised of people who love their jobs and after we spent time talking with those in the industry the more confident we were that we wanted to create small shops that connect people with nature in their homes, offices and businesses.

Plants and Petals Club: What is the best lesson you’ve learned as a shop owner? Hardest lesson?

Emily and Brian: The best lesson that we have learned as shop owners is that offering one on one experience to our customers is invaluable & what makes us different from other plant buying experiences.

The hardest lesson is that communication is the most difficult & important part of our business. Communication between employees, customers, growers, delivery companies, and business collaborators is a never-ending flow of decisions both large and small that can either make or break the success of our company. Setting up systems for communication is key but it takes lots of time and patience.

Plants and Petals Club: What makes Stump unique?

Emily and Brian: Hopefully what makes us unique is that we are helpful, kind, patient & knowledgeable paired with an inventory of high quality plants and timeless planters.

Plants and Petals Club: What is your favorite local botanical place to visit?

Emily and Brian: Our favorite local botanical place is Franklin Park Conservatory & Botanical Garden, but we hope to spend more time at the Dawes Arboretum this year.

Plants and Petals Club: Favorite botanical vacation spot and why?

Emily and Brian: Tuscon, AZ (Saguaro National Park) and Southern California are our favorite places to be inspired by seeing the areas where the plants that we sell are grown in and thrive best outdoors.

Plants and Petals Club: Which garden centers/houseplant stores have inspired you the most?

Emily and Brian: Foertmeyer and Sons in Powell, Ohio – Mark Foertmeyer is a great mentor to us & Emily worked there before we opened in 2015. Groovy Plants Ranch in Marengo, Ohio is another place we are inspired by because Liz & Jared are good friends and great growers. Outside of Ohio we love Tula Plants and Design in Greenpoint, NYC, Flora in Nashville, TN, Forage in Lousiville, KY, Pistils Nursery in Portland & Flora Grubb in San Francisco.

Plants and Petals Club: Favorite houseplant decorating tip?

Emily and Brian: Don’t be intimidated when you see other people’s collections. What matters most is having a few plants that fit your lifestyle & environment but not so many that you feel overwhelmed when it comes to taking care of them.

And don’t put your fiddle leaf fig in the corner of your room – they need lots of light so keep them in front of the window that isn’t obstructed by trees or other structures.