Plants and Petals exists to support and promote local botanical businesses across the United States online and in person. We couldn’t think of a better place to start sharing than Chicago, one of our favorite cities.

Chicago Plant Life

Nestled on the coolest corner in town, N. Elston Ave. and N. Kiona Ave., sits a brick two-story with a neon cactus drawing you in. There’s just something about a neighborhood corner plant store. If curb appeal and plant (and Instagram) paradise aren’t enough, it gets even better when you meet co-owner, Ozzy Gámez. Ozzy is a perfect example of why we believe plant people are some of the best people. His kindness, creativity, and plant knowledge had us walking away smiling and wanting to tell the houseplant community, “Uber it! Bike! Walk! Run! Get yourself to Plant Shop Chicago!” You’ll find an impressive variety of well-tended plants, excellent prices, and such a peaceful feeling that you’ll wish the visit never has to end. You can’t help but dream of what it would be like to work with plants every day. Side note: We loved hearing the story of how the shop grew from dream to reality!

A Few Favorites with Ozzy

Ozzy was kind enough to answer some questions that we are excited to share with you!

Plants and Petals Club: What is your favorite local botanical place to visit?
Ozzy: Garfield Park Conservatory is always one of my favorites. But really, I love visiting local plant shops and greenhouses. Especially in the summer. I absolutely love that greenhouse heat that is almost unbearable.

Plants and Petals Club: Favorite botanical vacation spot and why?
Ozzy: Probably Florida, specifically Homestead, FL. There are so many growers and greenhouses down there.

Plants and Petals Club: Which houseplant stores have inspired you the most?
Ozzy: Adams and Son Gardens.
I’ve never been to these two but Hot Cactus and Pistils Nursery.

Plants and Petals Club: Favorite houseplant decorating tip?
Ozzy: White walls and plants in terra cotta pots.

This is definitely #wherethehouseplantsare, and we can’t wait to visit again! Plants and Petals loves supporting local businesses who take such great care of their plants and work hard to make our plant-loving dreams come true in our homes!