Welcome back to our Plants and Petals Road Trip Review! This week brings us to Groovy Plants Ranch in Marengo, Ohio!


From the moment we pulled up, we knew this was a special place with a very fitting name. Owners Jared and Liz have crafted much more than a garden center. They have created a plant ranch experience you absolutely should not miss. You’ll also find an incredible selection of houseplants, annuals, perennials, succulents, cacti, veggies, herbs, garden decor, and more! Ranch dogs Rosie and Clementine are sure to make you smile! Not able to make it to the ranch? Need a gift for the plant lover in your life? Shop their website or give a gift card. We promise the recipient will forever thank you for gifting them the Groovy Plants Ranch experience. Liz also offers great weekend classes for kids and evening classes in the schoolhouse on the ranch with the option to BYOW (Bring Your Own Wine).


We love learning more about the people behind the great places we visit!

Plants and Petals Club: What is your favorite local botanical place to visit?
Liz: Our favorite local botanical spot is Franklin Park Conservatory. It has been a constant in our lives over the years. Jared had botanical ID classes at the conservatory when he was a student. We had one of our early dates there. We try to visit several times a year. And we are looking forward to sharing it with Lili, our new daughter, as she gets older.

Plants and Petals Club: Favorite botanical vacation spot and why?
Liz: Our favorite botanical vacation spot is hands down Joshua Tree National Park. We love the quiet beauty of the desert. The sparse vegetation makes you look at each plant in its own right. The big skies and views are an amazing compliment to the ancient giant yucca trees.

Plants and Petals Club: Which garden centers/houseplant stores have inspired you the most?
Liz: Bakers Acres is a local legend in the garden center community. It is funky locally owned Garden Center that has built great relationships with the community. Chris Baker has been a great friend and mentor to Jared over the years.

Plants and Petals Club: Favorite houseplant decorating tip?
Liz: Follow the light. It doesn’t matter how cute a plant looks on your kitchen table or in the corner next to the fireplace if it doesn’t have enough light it’s not going to thrive and will look terrible in no time. House plants are wonderful thing to have in the home, and if you give them what they need they will reward you with beauty and clean air for years.

Don’t miss a trip to the ranch! We won’t hesitate to hit the road for a couple of hours to visit again!