🌱 Sow and Grow Referral Program 🌼

Share the Plants and Petals Club with your fellow plant shop, flower farmer, greenhouse, or florist! When they become Plants and Petals Club directory listing members, we want to show our genuine appreciation with the following referral program!

Refer any 3 businesses that become members and receive a five-event/class listing package ($30 value!). Promote your upcoming event or class and all of the information you would like to highlight including a link to your sign-up/ticket purchase website (e.g. Eventbrite, Facebook, among others)!

Refer 5 “Premium Listing” businesses that become members and receive your choice of one of the following:

One free guest article ($155 value!). Plants and Petals offers professional writing assistance in order for you to receive a top-notch article published to our website and social network! Your article will be online forever, and your business will benefit with SEO, links to your website, and your business highlighted alongside an industry topic, all enhancing your online presence. You will draft the article and send it in. We will review, edit it, polish it up however needed and permanently publish it to our website and send to all of our social networks!


Three months of ad space ($265 value!). Your personalized business ad will draw even more attention for your awesome business and will link directly to your website!

Please note that we will confirm with both parties if your referral is accurate. We will also be unable to accept any abuse of our referral program. If by chance your referral(s) did not sign up for a Premium Listing, please let us know so we can arrange a fair reward for you! We also keep track of your referrals for you! When you reach 3 referral claims, we’ll ask if you’d like to wait till you hit 5 before claiming your reward or move forward with our “Refer 3” reward option.

  • Please list the name of the business you referred, along with the link to their directory listing on the Plants and Petals Club. If you need any help, you are more than welcome to get in touch by emailing hello@plantsandpetals.club You may submit this form individually for every referral you've generated!
  • (this is the URL, or website address on our Plants and Petals Club Business Listing Directory, of the business you referred)
    (please select only one reward to receive)