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Product Description

Plants and Petals offers professional writing assistance in order for you to receive a top notch article published to our website and social network!

Two guest article options are available to you at any time.

What’s great? Once you purchase an article, select a topic and complete the process, your article is online forever and you only pay once!

Please note: you may purchase multiple articles at any time. Among the many benefits to this business option (e.g. SEO, links to your website, highlighting your business alongside an industry topic), having more articles written and published about your business will greatly enhance your online presence and your level of reach within the Plants and Petals Club.

Option #1: You draft the article and send it in. Once your article has been submitted, we’ll review, edit it, polish it up however needed and permanently publish it to our website as well as sending it out to all our social networks.

Option #2 (most popular): You’ll fill out a brief form (e.g. Article topic, among other brief details). A partner representative will email you to coordinate a quick phone call to gather an overview about your business and selected topic. From there, we’ll get to work on writing and permanently publishing your article!