green plants on a table

Interiorscaping: the Best Boost for Health and Beauty

Transform your home into a jungle with interiorscaping Look around your living space. Does it make you happy to be there? If not, it’s time to jump onto the latest trend of interiorscaping to boost your mood and your health. What is interiorscaping? Also called “interior landscaping” or “plantscaping,” interiorscaping is a way of incorporating…

multi-colored amaryllis against a snowy background

Amaryllis: Here to Make Your Winter Sparkle

Amaryllis: Pride and Bewitching Beauty When the Victorians chose the amaryllis to represent pride and bewitching beauty, they chose wisely. The amaryllis stands proudly in the winter months with a strong, one- to two-foot tall, thick stalk which produces three or four gorgeous red, white, pink, salmon and orange blooms that are also often times patterned…

monstera against dark wall

Last Chance for a New Home This Year: Time to Re-pot and Relocate Houseplants

Snuggle in! Already had your first hard frost? First snowfall? Temperatures dropping drastically at night? Let’s make sure your houseplants get the love they need to get through the approaching winter. A new place to sleep Did all your plant children make the transition from outside to inside? Now that they are happy (or funerals…