feet up next to tea and a houseplant

Happy Returns: Come Home to the Right Plants in the Right Rooms

Do something new this year–come home to the right plants in the right rooms! Happy New Year plant lovers! What are your resolutions for plants and flowers this year? Our resolution is to keep growing (get it?) our connections to great businesses and supporting your enjoyment of plants and flowers all year long. And good…


Poinsettias: An Unlikely Christmas Tradition

Poinsettias for Christmas: Weeds or Gifts for the Alter? Have you been into your local greenhouse this week? Poinsettias are everywhere in every color. Red, orange, pale green, cream, pink, white, and marbled–the combinations are endless. And thanks to Pepita, Joel Roberts Poinsett, and Albert Ecke, poinsettias have moved from weed status in Mexico to a…