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The Plants and Petals Club is a community of businesses passionate about sharing beauty with the consumer. Members of the club have joined to become part of a one-of-a-kind network that connects the passionate plant parent with the creative neighborhood houseplant store, the flower lover with the hard-working and beauty-gathering local cut-flower farmers and/or florists, home-dwellers with greenhouses and experts who can provide endless beautiful plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs along with personalized advice for their specific area, and travelers desiring local connection with botanical beauty. In addition to the comprehensive directory with powerful search categories, the Plants and Petals Club also provides a library of helpful resources and a beautiful gallery for inspiration of botanical places to visit as well as ways to incorporate more natural beauty into your home and life.

We are passionate about all things natural, green, and blooming. Through our own love, we decided we wanted to help bring the community together while offering real marketing assistance for business owners.

Public visitors and businesses are equally welcome to come learn, share, find and explore all things plants and petals!

Yes. With how our directory service has been developed, you must hold an active account to publish your business information in the Plants and Petals Club (network).

The Plants and Petals Club is welcoming community and/or online houseplant stores, houseplant subscription services, local cut flower farmers, roadside flower stands, studio florists and designers, retail flower shops and florists, local and/or online greenhouses, and landscape designers. If you have any questions on if your business or organization currently has opportunities within our club, please get in touch!

First of all… thank you so much for your interest in joining our club (network)!

To join, please choose the business listing type you would like, set up your initial listing and complete creating your account. You can do this by visiting our Publish Your Business page!

No worries! Head on over to the login page and choose Password Reset. You’ll input your email address, will receive a password reset email and from there, simply follow the couple steps and you’ll be accessing your account in no time!

You can decide to hold a featured listing account when opening your account. Whether you have this type of account or not, you are always welcome to “boost” your listing at any time to be shown under the newest listings! This option is available if your account listing is active.

We currently have a referral program in place for active club members. Any club member that refers 3 active club member accounts, has their choice of free marketing goodies, such as a free guest article submission, free advertising space (has term limits), among other opportunities.

If you do not have a club account, but would like to team up, please reach out and let us know what you have in mind!

If you do not have a club account with an active business listing, please first get in touch so that we can match you up with the best advertising opportunity.

We’re not able to pinpoint this level of email notifications, however, we do have a bi-monthly newsletter that we are currently developing. Once ready to go, we’ll be sending out updates on our latest featured spotlight, upcoming events, and more! Feel free to join anytime at the bottom of our website.

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