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We are Matt and Laurie, and we’d love to quickly tell you about ourselves and our heart behind creating this plant- and flower-loving community! As mentioned above, first and foremost, we are passionate about beauty! We thrive on simplicity, adore minimalism, and dream of building a tiny house one day. We also love to travel…a lot. Give us even the smallest excuse to pack our suitcase, and we are out of here! Once we reach our destinations, we are all about the local connection and experience as well as hunting down botanical beauty. On one of our recent trips, we were a little frustrated by the need to do multiple, independent searches online to find unique places we could visit. We simply wanted to see all the possibilities in one place with the ability to connect with others who live locally or have traveled to these locations and see what their recommendations were. As Norman Vincent Peale said, “Every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution,” right? After months of dreaming and planning, The Plants and Petals community was born!

Matt is a police officer by night and a tactical green thumb assistant by day. If he’s not working on the next house or landscaping/garden project, he runs (literally) away as fast as he can! He has completed 9 full marathons and a half Ironman and dreams of completing a full Ironman. My vote for that? Hawaii! One of his favorite experiences has been cycling the beautiful coast of Lake Michigan for several days, living out of two small pannier bags on his bike!

My favorite things? Flowers, houseplants, libraries and bookstores (I’m that exciting!), Target, natural health, herbal/homeopathic remedies, bike rides, and quiet summer mornings on our back porch surrounded by flowers and listening to the birds.

Matt’s favorite plant: Fiddle Leaf Fig
Favorite flower: Zinnia
Top travel destination: Sanibel Island, FL

Laurie’s favorite plant: Lemon Button Fern
Favorite flower: Ranunculus
Top 2 travel spots that have my heart? Sanibel Island, FL and Washington, D.C.

We can’t wait to get to know you better and hear about all the wonderful places you experience beauty locally or in your travels!

In an effort to spread and share joy of amazing photos, we’d like to thank the many talented photographers from Unsplash!

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