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Plants and Petals | Professional Plant & Flower Directory | United States

We warmly welcome you to the Plants and Petals community! What are we doing here? We have witnessed an explosive interest in houseplants, local cut flowers, and those passionate about making their homes beautiful from the outside in with landscaping and cut flower gardens.

After doing multiple, independent searches online to find the various greenhouse, flower farm, and houseplant store locations plus additional information that we were looking for, we were a tad bit on the frustrated side wishing we could have all of the information in one place. Plants and Petals is a network that was created as a result of that wish, all of the dreamy places filled with beauty in one place!

What will you find here at Plants and Petals? Most importantly, you will find a community of people who adore beauty! We are also excited to connect…

  • The passionate plant parent with the creative neighborhood houseplant store
  • The flower lover with the hard-working, beauty-gathering, local cut-flower farmers
  • Home-dwellers with greenhouses and landscaping experts who can provide endless beautiful plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs along with personalized advice for their specific area
  • Travelers desiring local connection with botanical beauty
  • If you are a business, we’d love to have you join the Plants and Petals Club!

If you are looking for the perfect houseplant, on the hunt for some local and fresh cut flowers, or would just like to wander around a new-to-you greenhouse to take in all the loveliness, we welcome you to begin searching here!

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